Our revolutionary grip strengthening and training tool, The Gi Grip is a patent design of innovation inspired by martial arts but made for everyone. Our grip strengthener is crafted from traditional Gi material and lapel uses for the gi kimono and pant uniform worn by martial artist. The Gi Grip is rectangular shape, compact, durable, and strong- weighing less than a 1lb. It's made of triple weave, 100% Cotton Gi fabric thats antimicrobial treated. Its design includes a thick, seamed lapel casing and an extended lapel belt with a metal fastener

Customize your experience with a variety of color combinations with orders of 10 or more through our wholesale opportunity. Perfect for gym owners, advertise your rehabilitation and/or physical training clinics, schools team logos or individual touches reflecting their business and more. Ideal for fitness trainers, martial artists, athletes of all skill levels and for rehabilitation purposes.

The Gi Grip tool seamlessly integrates into exercise and gym routines. Use on gym pulleys, barbels, kettlebells, pull up bars and/or resistant bands. Use for stretching and low impact exercises for rehabilitation purposes. All while enhancing hand and grip strength while offering addtitional core benefits.

Our unique grip strengthener can be used tandemly between two individuals. None other exists in the market of grip strengtheners. Our tool introduces the exciting new discipline of "Gi Gripping," creating a competitive and enjoyable experience of next level Jiu-jitsu using The Gi Grip with one rule, "Don't Let Go!"
Unlock creativity with a unique approach to grappling maneuvers such as submissions, sweeps, chokes, and more.

Elevate your training with our versatile, durable, innovative grip strengthening tool, The Gi Grip, designed to empower and transform grip strength, fitness and exercise experience.